Tyler Herro Vows To Get Buckets Tonight

Tyler Herro


I’m starting to like Tyler Herro more and more with each day that passes by, and today was no different.

Its really starting to seem as if the residents of Wisconsin are really starting to not take that Tyler Herro situation so well, and Tyler himself seems to be up for the rivalry with the entire state. With opposing high schools and student sections starting to now come at him with their full arsenal, it seems as if Herro is here for a full on war.

Earlier today a twitter account from an opposing high school tweeted out that the student section was gonna have a Wisconsin Badger theme tonight. Basically stating that everyone in the student section would wear something Wisconsin, in an attempt to take a jab at Herro who recently de-committed from the Badgers.

Herro quickly saw that tweet and quickly responded the only way he knew how.

Known as a bonafide scorer and an elite player already, it doesn’t make sense that opposing teams wanna poke the bear. But if he needs extra motivation going into his games, he sure is getting it as he looks to embarrass opposing teams around the entire state of Wisconsin the whole season.


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