Interview With Terry Wilson Jr.

Terry Wilson Jr.


With the recent commitment of Terry Wilson Jr, all of Big Blue Nation is ecstatic to have the young exciting quarterback to finally commit and be a Wildcat. He announced his commitment via Twitter with a simple photo of him in a Kentucky jersey with the bold words COMMITTED across the picture.

A lot of fans, including myself where excited. But we also wanted to know a little more about the junior-college transfer. So I quickly got into contact with Mr. Wilson and ask him three simple questions. Which he delightfully answered.

Q. What are your goals regarding your future at Kentucky?

Terry: “My goals at Kentucky are to get my degree. While doing that, I want to win games and give my all out there on that field and show BBN that we are back!”


Q. What made you choose Kentucky?

Terry: “I just feel like at home in Kentucky, like seriously. I want to play for them, the guys on the squad are some dudes! I want to give my all out there for those guys!


Q. Is there any people you wanna give thanks to?

Terry: “I wanna thank God, my mom, my sister, and my girlfriend! Because without any of those wonderful people in my life, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.


I just wanna thank Mr. Terry Wilson Jr. for doing a short interview with us. I didn’t get to talk to him a whole lot. But in the short time I did, he seems like a very intelligent and humble young man. Big Blue Nation cannot wait to get behind you and support you Terry!

Go Cats!


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