What to expect today & can we win?


When and where? Rupp Arena @ 2 PM 

Where to watch and listen? ESPN2 and UK Sports Network


Alright, so, with all the talk this week many things have been said. If you don’t know by now, VT has the #1 offense in the country right now, yes they are an unranked team but that fact still reigns true. Our defense has yet to go up against anything of that firepower yet, and with that being said, neither has their offense gone up against the level of talent we have on the court. Both teams, especially VT have things to prove today.

So, as a fan, there is only one thing to look for today, PERIMETER DEFENSE. Over the last few games we haven’t exactly been great with protecting around the arc, and this team knocked down 15 threes in their last game, yes, that isn’t a typo, 15! I’m sure they have been working on this in practice this week, but now its time to see how it olds in game time situations.

Good news as many people know is that Sacha and Quade are expected to play today which gives a lift to the bigs and a huge lift for the backcourt.

I expect us to be able to handle ourselves as long as we have at least improved a little bit on protecting the arc.

Overall, I say the final score is 92-82 and our defense forces them to push a very low scoring production compared to their average.

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