Battle down in New Orleans


Where and when? New Orleans(Smoothie King Arena) @ 4

Where to watch and listen? CBS & UK sports network 


Today we meet a very down UCLA basketball team, compared to the last few years that is. UCLA and Kentucky haven’t had much of a rivalry until the last 3-4 years. Now, every year it seems like they are going at it, and as a fan I LOVE it. The two most storied basketball programs in its history going at it is very exciting and should be to all fans. The good news for Cats fans this year is that UCLA simply wasn’t able to get this team to gel, or so far they haven’t. After losses to Cincinnati, Michigan, and Creighton, this team is anything but good. After touting one of the top recruiting classes, it hasn’t translated onto the court.

So, whats new with your Cats? Jarred Vanderbilt continues to tease today as fans are dying to see him in action. Today he was seen practicing, but did not participate in going over plays for the game. This goest to show that even though he is not coming back in this game, he will be back this season. I was under the impression at one point that we would not see him this season, but I believe both he and Cal want him to be on the court too bad to let a whole year waste.

Today, the things that the Cats need to do to continue doing well, are: 

  1. Work through the Terminator ( Quade Green) 
  2. Let Hami Shoot: With Hami showing his range recently, it can only help
  3. Use your size

This team doesn’t have to have anywhere near a perfect game to pull this one out today, Im very confident in our chances of winning and very possibly winning big. This UCLA team shouldn’t scare most teams, they are down and they know it. After losing two players as of today for the remainder of the season for the earlier events in the year due to the China shoplifting scandal, this team is very distracted too.

Final Score: 97-82

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