Football: Writer Predictions for Kentucky/Northwestern

Braden Nevius

The final two regular season games has left a bad taste in the coaches, players, and fans mouth’s. I believe Kentucky will play inspiring football on both sides of the ball. Justin Jackson and the Northwestern run game will impose a huge threat that will be tough to stop especially without Denzil Ware. Offensively I believe Stephen Johnson needs to play well as the Northwestern pass defense is something Kentucky can exploit. I see this game going down to the wire with Stephen Johnson leading the Cats on a game-winning drive to end off his successful career at Kentucky.

MVP: Stephen Johnson and Josh Paschal

Prediction: Kentucky wins 30-27

J.R. Simpson

“Benny Snell does what Benny does: 150+ yards and 2 TD’s. Stephen Johnson completes some timely passes to Bowden, Walker, Juice. UK’s defense stands strong, with Joshua Paschal announcing his arrival with multiple sacks. Mike Edwards seals it late with an interception.”

MVP: Benny Snell and Mike Edwards

Prediction: Kentucky wins 27-24

Rob Taylor

Northwestern is good at stuffing the run and and running the ball. So I think it’ll be a close game. I think Benny Snell will be the difference and the defense will hold enough for the win.”

MVP: Benny Snell and Josh Allen

Prediction: Kentucky wins 20-17

Janson Hoskins

“I believe that this game will come down to whoever can stop the run because both teams have notable running backs that have proven they can run all over defenses. If Kentucky can manage to do that I don’t doubt that Sophomore Benny Snell will have a big game.”

MVP: Benny Snell and Josh Allen

Prediction: Kentucky wins 31-27

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