Football: Mark Richt Grabs Referee; doesn’t get Ejected

Any of you remember when Benny Snell got ejected for slightly pushing off Chris’s Coyle’s arms after Coyle made the initial contact? In Saturday’s Orange Bowl, Mark Richt made initial contact by grabbing an official and was only given an unsportsmanlike penalty rather than an ejection. Was this because it was a coach? Was this because it was Miami? The answer is neither. It’s the fact that these referees were focused on getting the call right instead of satisfying their own egos.

Personally, I hope this two instances raise some questions that are answered and fixed going into the 2018 season. I’m not saying Coyle should lose his job but all referees should be re-evaluated and should be trained to deal with these situations better. This is especially needed for bowl games that are supposed to be for the fans and viewers of the game, not for the game to be dominated with flags flying all over the field for nonsense. Being a referee has to be really tough job but there has to be a way to at least get 80% of the calls right. With all this said, congrats to this team on another winning season! Thank you seniors!

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