Road test down in Baton Rouge


Where and When: Baton Rogue, LA @ 8:30

Where to watch and listen: SEC Network & UK sports network 


This is a big game for this team, this being because this is the first true road test for this team. Some fans may be nervous about this game, and I cant say that I blame them. LSU is not going to be an easy team to beat on the road, it is always a hostile environment, even the 38-1 team nearly got a loss down in Baton Rogue. This LSU team shoots over 50% on the season from the field, but struggles a little more behind the arc shooting just shy of 40%. Their competition has been not as difficult as the Cat’s and when they did play competition (#13 Notre Dame) they lost by 39. So, with all of the negative, the environment with our young freshman group plays a big role, just ask ESPN. They have us projected to lose by giving LSU a slight edge in this game.

UK- 49.7%
This young Kentucky team embarks on the road for a hostile SEC road trip, the obvious question everyone wonders is, how will they handle it? The Georgia game was promising, most people consider that performance poor but I don’t, UGA is a tough team, every year Fox manages to get his kids up for that game and we were able to close the deal with guys like Gabriel making big time shots, and Alexander as well. When your supporting role guys can come in and be the stars when needed it is always a good sign.
What do we need in this game?
1. Kevin Knox: Knox for most of the season minus a couple games hasn’t been all that fantastic. Some people may read this and wonder what I am talking about, but truly, he rarely takes over a game, a guy with Knox’s size and supposed shooting ability, and aside from that, settling for jumpers should never be the case, a little floater should be all that’s needed for Knox to take over, we will need more of that from him in this game if we are to take of business. 
2. Shai needs to continue to be in the words of Dicky V… the BMOC (big man on campus) he has just been amazing recently. In both the Louisville and Georgia game he has absolutely just taken over. So much so that Calipari has outright said that he is “the best player on the team.” I look to see a starting lineup that includes him tonight. 
3. Nick and PJ need to avoid foul trouble: Our two premiere big men who have played well recently got into foul trouble within minutes of the Georgia game which is partly due to being aggressive but aggressiveness doesn’t matter if you have to sit on the bench, so I suspect Calipari has been drilling in the idea of sensible aggressiveness these past couple days. 
Of course other things need to go right in order for us to win, but these are the main ones. I think it will be a good game tonight that will go back and forth for most of the night, I would be very surprised if the game was decided by more than 10 points. So, with that being said, I will say…..
Final score: 75-69
Enjoy the game Cats fans, its going to be a great one!
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