UK basketball assistant coach to UofL?


Long time assistant coach for the Kentucky Wildcats Kenny Payne has a past that many fans seem to not know about. He used to be a Louisville Cardinal, he played for the Cards from 1985-1989. This is a very strong tie of course, he is famously in the video of Rex Chapman dunking on him during one of the games.

So, what is all this business with him leaving? He has not spoken on the issue at all, but, everyone else has.

Former players have been reaching out to him along with intricate members in the University. This would be a big get for Louisville and a huge loss for the Cats. Kenny Payne is a big time recruiter for our team, and most consider him a possible candidate once Calipari leaves.

All in all, until we hear from him, no one needs to jump off a bridge just yet, but it is something to keep your eye on.

Nobody is paid more as an assistant coach but of course the money would be better since he would be a head coach and he would be coaching the team that he used to play for, one may question whether this matters that much to him in the first place since he came to UK at all. But, this is not something that this team could brush off, it would be a game changing hire for UofL.

So, what do you all think?

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