UK Women lose seventh straight

(Photo courtesy of UK Athletics)

Junior Maci Morris poured in 22 points and senior Makenzie Cann shot 4-8 from three point range to score 14, but the Kentucky women’s basketball team lost its seventh straight game, 74-70. The Wildcats kept the game close at the half, trailing by only three points. The third quarter was evenly matched, with the Aggies outscoring the Wildcats by one point, giving the Aggies a four point lead after three quarters. This was all that Texas A&M needed, unfortunately. The Wildcats matched the Aggies point total for the fourth quarter and lost by four points.

Matthew Mitchell’s Wildcats looked great in some stages of the game, but also failed in others areas. While shooting 90% from the free throw line, they only shot 38.9% from the three point line and 44.3% overall. When on the road in the SEC, against a ranked team, you must have a better shooting night than the Wildcats had tonight to win a much needed league game. It is my belief that Matthew Mitchell has lost this team and changes need to be made, if this team has any hope at a post-season appearance.

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