Zion: The Decision

Photo Credit: Slam Online

Folks…. this is happening. 5 star Power Forward Zion Williamson very well may stay home and commit to Clemson University. The decison is set for Jan 20th as he spontaneously announced on twitter recently. Momentum and predictions continue to sway towards the Tigers.

It is difficult to interpret the timing as anything but BAD for Kentucky. The spontaneity combined with the fact that we have no idea who is leaving for the NBA makes this seem like poor news for UK. Hope is not lost for the Cats as history has proven! But the general consensus seems to be that the dunking monster will not leave his home state of South Carolina.

Many members of the #BBN and fans all across the nation are perplexed. Actually some are even outraged to think that a generational talent like Zion could go to a non-contender like Clemson. It seems to be getting over looked that the Tigers are 13-1 and a top 25 team. So its not exactly fair to categorize them as irrelevant. But zero historic tradition exists there. Especially when compared to the likes of Kentucky.

I do not wanna hate on Zion. Ive dreamed of him coming to my favorite school just like every single person who first saw the sensational viral videos that took the internet by storm. And if Drake rocking a Spartan Day #12 jersey then attending Big Blue Madness cant seal the deal, it just wasnt meant to be. But however this plays out Im looking forward to his year in college wherever it may be.

Photo Credit: HipHopLately/PBSThere is still plenty of time for minds to change and sounder minds to prevail. Never count Kentucky or any other Blue Blood out. Nobody outside Zions circle truly knows his plan.

The good news is that in a couple weeks we will know and regardless the Kentucky 2018 class is looking πŸ‘Œ

In Cal we trust….



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