An updated look at the UK football depth chart:

(Photo courtesy of Lexington Herald-Leader)

For those of you who read my previous post about the potential UK football depth chart for 2018 (which you can read here:, I thought I’d check on my predictions and update the movement that has occurred over the last few days. So, I predicted that Drew Barker, Gunnar Hoak and A.J. Rose would transfer. I was only 33% correct, up to this point. Drew Barker was the first player to announce his transfer after the UK bowl game. There has been no evidence or rumor of Hoak or Rose transferring. However, a running back will be leaving the program in the person of Bryant Koback. Koback is transferring to be closer to home, due to a private family matter. We found out this week that little used defensive tackle Ja’Quize Cross was transferring. Cross didn’t not crack the two-deep all season and was buried behind Quinton Bohanna, who has been a pleasant surprise, and Kordell Looney. Today, a surprise player announced his transfer. Javonte Richardson, a 6’3″ 200 pound wide receiver from Maple Heights, Ohio, announced his transfer to a JUCO. Sources have stated that Richardson’s transfer may be grade related. This is a plausible explanation, as Richardson appeared to be a member of the 2018 wide receiver rotation.

In my previous post, I predicted Josh Allen would be the only possible early entrant. I was wrong there to, as it appears Mike Edwards Twitter message to Tobias “Cash” Gilliam indicates he is handing over his safety spot to Gilliam:

This means that, if Allen leaves, we will have two early entrants. Jordan Jones and Denzil Ware are very likely returning to UK, with the caveat being Ware’s mystery violation that Coach Mark Stoops will still not comment on.

With all of that being said, the new depth chart likely will look like this:

OFFENSE (Returning starters: 10)

LT: Landon Young (6-7, 305, Jr.); E.J. Price (So.-RS)

LG: Logan Stenberg (6-6, 318, Jr.); Luke Fortner (6-6, 305, So.-RS)

C: Drake Jackson (6-2, 290, So.-RS); Bunchy Stallings (6-3, 315, Sr.)

RG: Bunchy Stallings (6-3, 315, Sr.); Mason Wolfe (6-6, 310, Jr.)

RT: George Asafo-Adjei (6-5, 315, Jr.); Sebastian Dolcine (6-4, 300, Fr.-RS)

TE: C.J. Conrad (6-5, 245, Sr.); Justin Rigg (6-6, 246, Jr.)

WR: Dorian Baker (6-3, 211, RS-Sr.); Marvin Alexander (6-3, 180, Fr.)

WR: Clevan Thomas (5-11, 205, So.); Akeem Hayes (5-10, 175, Fr.)

WR: Lynn Bowden (6-1, 190, So.); Josh Ali (6-0, 180, So.)

WR: Tavin Richardson (6-3, 214, Jr.); Isaiah Epps (6-2, 185, So.)

QB: Terry Wilson (6-3, 200, So.); Gunnar Hoak (6-4, 210, So.-RS)

RB: Benny Snell (5-11, 223, Jr.); Sihiem King (5-9, 172, Sr.)

DEFENSE(Returning starters: 9)

LB: Josh Paschal (6-3, 270, So.); Jamar “Boogie” Watson (6-3, 240, So.-RS)

DT: Adrian Middleton (6-3, 303, Sr.); Kordell Looney (6-3, 293, So.-RS)

NG: Quinton Bohanna (6-4, 320, So.); Calvin Taylor (6-3, 300, Fr.-RS)

DE: T.J. Carter (6-4, 280, Jr.); Kengera Daniel (6-5, 260, Sr.)

DE/OLB: Denzil Ware (6-2, 245, Sr.); Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald (6-6, 260, Fr.-RS)

NB: Cash Gilliam (6-0, 190, So.-RS); (Tyrell Ajian (6-0, 190, Fr.-RS)

MLB: Eli Brown (6-2, 208, Jr.); Kash Daniel (6-1, 235, Jr.)

WLB: Jordan Jones (6-2, 221, Sr.); Jamin Davis (6-4, 220, RS-Fr.)

CB: Derrick Baity (6-3, 182, Sr.); Jordan Griffin (6-0, 186, Jr.)

CB: Lonnie Johnson (6-3, 203, Sr.-JC); Chris Westry (6-4, 195, Sr.)

SS: Davonte Robinson (6-2, 187, So.-RS); DeAndre Square (6-0, 184, Fr.)

FS: Darius West (6-0, 210, Sr.); Davonte Robinson (6-2, 187, So.-RS)

SPECIALISTS (Returning starters: 0)

K: Chance Poore (6-3, 200, Fr.); Tyler Pack (6-4, 275, RS-So.)

P: Max Duffy (6-0, 185, So.); Grant McKinniss (6-1, 210, So.)

LS: Tristan Yeomans (6-2, 190, Sr.); Blake Best (6-1, 246, Jr.)

Of course, other transfers may occur and the February signing period could bring a surprise impact player that breaks into the two-deep, but I think that this is a pretty safe bet at what the depth chart will look like opening fall camp in 2018.

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