Late night battle in Knoxville


Where and when: Knoxville at 9 PM ET

Where to watch and listen: SEC Network & UK Sports Network 


Today the Wildcats have a very tough matchup against the #23 Tennessee Volunteers. The Volunteers have lost 3 of their last 5, but don’t let that fool you. This team is truly fantastic in comparison to what we have gone up against and lost might I add in recent years.

Team Stats


79.9 69.1 48.4 39.9 15.4 5.7 6.6 W3

79.2 70.2 44.1 38.1 17.5 5.4 6.8 L2

We couldn’t be more evenly matched with this Tennessee team, which leads me to believe one thing, that the location is going to make the difference if the team allows it to.  Being that mature for this young of a team is a lot to ask, something usually only asked of juniors and seniors, but since we are kinda running low on those we don’t have much of a choice. All of this combined with the fact that players such as Hami and Nick Richards are down with the flu, while they are still playing, it is very hard to believe they are playing anywhere up to par with what they would healthy.

What will be the difference?

  1. The crowd: It is a sold out crowd that is out to see their Volunteers crush the Wildcats, and that will mean a very loud arena all game long, that is actually bigger than Rupp Arena (just slightly).
  2. Healthy or not: How much better some of these guys are truly feeling coming into this game, they have not had long to get better but they have had some days off in Lexington to relax.
  3. Knox: Wouldn’t it be nice to have Kevin Knox go off and make it “Knox” Ville , I mean how could it get any better? But in all seriousness Knox has got to come out and play like he did against LSU, we need that same type of patient and smart offense, his forced shot total was significantly down from recent games.

Now, for my final prediction for this game, please don’t get mad at me Cats fans, but I just don’t see it happening tonight, I see the Cats dropping their 3rd straight in Knoxville tonight.

Final Score: 78-74




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