UK Hockey player profile: Jeff Ison

This week’s University of Kentucky Hockey Club player profile is Jeff Ison. Jeff is a sophomore goalie from Lexington, Ky.

1: What first caught your attention about hockey?

JI: My dad played hockey growing up and so did my older brother. It’s always been in the family and I couldn’t wait to start playing when I was little. I wanted to be just like my dad and my brother.

2: Who would you say has helped you the most in your hockey career?

JI: Definitely my parents. They’ve only ever missed a handful of games. My dad will talk with me about my form and different ways I can work on it off the ice. My mom will do whatever it takes to get me to the rink on time.

3: What made you want to play goalie?

JI: When I was 3, my brother made me hold an oven mitt and a fly swatter and said “be my goalie” while he shot little balls of paper at me. Ever since then, I’ve been a goalie and loved hockey.

That, and I always liked how the goalies had their own unique helmets and special pads. They didn’t look like anybody else and I loved that. I liked the individualism.

4: What brand of equipment do you use?

JI: Reebok. Easier to break in in my opinion.

5: What band or artist are you listening to the most right now?

JI: I like any type of music honestly. So in my library I have everything from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Kendrick Lamar. That being said, who I listen to the most would be Childish Gambino, Tyler, The Creator, and Imagine Dragons.

6: What do you like to do in your free time?

JI: Between being a full time student, playing hockey, and having a job through the week, I don’t have a lot of free time so I try to make the most of it when I have it. Usually I’m with my girlfriend or playing some sort of video game. If I’m not doing those, I really enjoy making or editing small videos, either by myself or with friends. I really enjoy the creative process.

7: Where do you see yourself in five years?

JI: In 5 years, hopefully out of college. But honestly I see me still here in Lexington working in some form of media. Whether it be for UK or the news, I just really want to work with video production. I’ve thought about moving to a bigger city somewhere up north like Cincinnati or somewhere similar, but I really enjoy Lexington. Ultimate goal would be to own my own production studio, but that’ll take more than 5 years.

8: What do you like the most about Lexington?

JI: I’d have to say how it looks and the vibe it has. Lexington looks very pretty in the winter but especially in the summer with all the plants blooming and the sun out. It just feels like home, and that’s the vibe it gives off too. Lexington isn’t a huge city, so you won’t be caught in the rush a big city would normally have. But we actually have things to do here, which is why I love it. Lex will always be home to me.

9: What would you like to say to the Big Blue Nation?

JI: If anybody has a dog for sale, I’ll take it probably. Also go Cats!

Thank you to Jeff for taking the time to do this. The team is on break for the semester, but they will be back on the ice soon. Friday January 19th they will play rival EKU for the Bourbon Barrel at the Lexington Ice Center. The game will start at midnight. Come early, wear blue, and be loud!

You can follow me on twitter @RobUKFAD

Pics used with permission from Kentucky Hockey


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