Officiating: Is it at an All-Time Low and how is it Fixed?

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I’ve never officiated a competitive sports game. Officiating has to be one of the toughest jobs in sports and there will always be bad calls. With that said, recent events have showcased that there’s certainly something going on in the world of officiating. From Chris Coyte ejecting Benny Snell, to Ted Valentine turning his whole body to Joel Berry after an obvious missed call. These instances raise the question, is officiating at an all-time low?

Personally, I would say the answer to that question is yes. I believe a big part of it has to do with egos of officials. This was apparent in the Benny Snell and Joel Berry situations where the officials blatantly missed a call and punished the players for defending themselves. The BIG 10 did a great job at responding to the Ted Valentine controversy by removing him from two games over the past weekend. The PAC-12 did not do a great job as they backed up Coyte after video evidence showed Coyte’s statements were lies. I believe officiating can get out of this slump by doing what the BIG 10 did, not the PAC-12.

To wrap everything up, officiating is at an all-time low and it can be fixed by holding officials accountable. I would say the NBA currently does the best job at this with their two minute reports that review questionable calls within the final two minutes of the game. If every sports institution had this in place, I believe it would certainly help with accountability and integrity of officiating. The two instances above didn’t happen within the final two minutes but if the refs know they have a closer eye on them, then both instances would most likely fixed. This also ties into what the BIG 10 did with Ted Valentine as an official should have games taken away from them if a call is missed or a bad call is made on multiple occasions within the final two minutes. With all of this said, please let us know if you believe officiating is at an all-time low and how it could be fixed.

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