ICYMI: Mitch Barnhart Sends Letter to PAC-12

(image courtesy of the Lexington Herald-Leader)

Mitch Barnhart has had great success at Kentucky. The basketball team is still the powerhouse its (mostly) always been. The football team has improved very well since the hiring of Mark Stoops. Nick Mingione has been a great hire as the baseball team made it as far as its gone in a while. The volleyball team is coming off an Elite 8 appearance. Also, the cheerleading team is a national powerhouse year in and year out. With all of this said, one of Barnhart’s greatest attributes is the way he takes up for the players.

This was shown when Barnhart decided to send a letter to the VP of PAC-12 officiating. In this letter, Barnhart explained that he believed the handling of the Benny Snell ejection was wrong. He also points out how people have wrongly put Benny Snell’s character into question. Not only did he voice his concerns about the Benny Snell situation, he also called them out for the handling of the injury of Stephen Johnson on the sideline. Great job taking up for the program and its players, Mitch! You can read Barnhart’s full letter here:


(courtesy of Kentucky.com and UK Athletics)

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