Kentucky Gymnastics Scores Third Highest Score in School History in Win vs. Arkansas


It was a monumental night in the history of Kentucky Gymnastics, as 6th ranked Kentucky beats 11th ranked Arkansas 196.950-196.525. Kentucky improves to 4-0 on the season and 1-0 in the SEC. Kentucky returns to Lexington to play 7th ranked Florida in Memorial Coliseum at 7:00. Florida is 1-1 (0-1 SEC) and coming of of a .075 loss to 1st ranked LSU. Kentucky’s latest opponent, Arkansas, falls to 0-2 on the season and 0-2 in the SEC. The other loss, coming to now-first ranked LSU. Kentucky scored the highest score on the road in school history vs. Arkansas, and third-highest in school history. Kentucky wore new leotards in the win on Friday night, which was a deep charcoal grey leotard with Kentucky blue arms and silver sparkles around the neck and shoulder line.

Kentucky opened the night on bars, and performed really well. Katie Carlisle was very vertical and crisp to lead UK off and scored a 9.875. Freshman Ella Warren continued the 9.875 score for the Cats after unique connections and a stuck landing. Senior Cori Rechenmacher scored a 9.8 with a stuck landing, but didn’t have as hard of skills to make her score as high as others. Nonetheless, Kentucky started out great on the road! The best score of the rotation came via Katrina Coca, who scored a 9.9 with uptempo dynamic tricks and a lot of amplitude on her dismount. The UK sideline was fired up, but Sophomore Alaina Kwan fell on her routine to give Kentucky its low score of the rotation. Sophomore Mollie Korth anchored the Cats with a solid 9.825 to give Kentucky the lead after one rotation.

Kentucky followed up the solid bar rotation with a very solid beam performance. Senior Alex Hyland and Junior Sydney Dukes both scored 9.8, with small steps on their landings on the Yurchenko vault. The low score of the rotation was a 9.725 from Katrina Coca. Her vault was to the side and had to much power- strange because power is wanted in the vault rotation. The other small score was from Danaea Davis, a 9.775. It was not a complex vault, and the landing was not stuck to perfection. But, the best two scores were the last two vaulters- Aubree Rosa and Mollie Korth. Aubree Rosa started our with an elevated vault, and stuck the landing with power. However, the highlight of the night for Kentucky was Sophomore Mollie Korth getting a 9.975, with a 1.5 Yurchenko front vault. That is one of the hardest vaults in Gymnastics, and Korth completed the vault with ease! Half way through the meet, Kentucky led Arkansas 98.525-98.25.

Next, Kentucky went to floor. Usually this rotation is the highest for each team when they compete, but Kentucky was very sloppy tonight. The Cats only scored 49.1 on this rotation, after entering 5th in the nation on floor from last week. Much like the two previous rotations, Kentucky had two bad scores, two solid scores, and two scores to keep the lead in favor of Kentucky. Senior Cori Rechenmacher scored a 8.4 via two falls and lack of crispness, while Haliey Poland posted a 9.775, because she was a little short on her flips and was behind the beat ever so slightly. Ella Warren and Sydney Dukes both had 9.8’s. Nothing wrong, but nothing special. Alex Hyland brought excitement and energy with her 9.85 routine. For another rotation, Mollie Korth came through for Kentucky with an excellent floor routine. The score was 9.9 and was filled with unique dance moves and crisp pikes. Due to the disappointing rotation, the Kentucky lead dropped to only .15 entering the last rotation.

Kentucky head Coach Tom Garrison fired up his team before they went to bars, and it worked. A lot. The low score for the Cats was Alaina Kwan, with a 9.775. She had a few checks after her backflips and took a step on her landing. Mollie Korth and Hailey Poland tied for fourth place in beam for Kentucky, by having a 9.85 thanks to unique routines finished with stuck landings. The same can be said about Katie Stewart and Alex Hyland, both receiving 9.875’s thanks to great grip and stuck landings. Lastly, Junior Sydney Dukes took the top score with a seemingly gravity-defying 9.9 routine that featured great back handsprings and yet another stuck landing to ensure the Kentucky victory. Kentucky scores a 49.350, an amazing rotation to end a great night for the Cats!

Sophomore Mollie Korth won the All-Round performance 39.550 and was her first win in two tries. Both teams scored higher than their opening score one week ago, but Kentucky was more skilled and had more depth which is why Kentucky came away with the victory. Tickets are available for the Florida Meet, and #BBN you don’t want to miss this team! Tickets can be found here:

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