17 Games In: State of the Union

To the negative Nancy’s out there, how’s 14-3 looking now? It amazes me how the buzz of Kentucky Basketball can go from we suck to better book that Final Four trip in a calendar week. Since the domination of Louisville, I have been a firm believer that this team can become incredibly dangerous by selection Sunday. But for all those with short-term memory when exactly has that not been the case? Coach Cal puts us in a position to cut down some nets every damn year. Before anyone screams 2013, let me remind you that an extremely special Nerlens Noel went down and we never got the wheels back on. If he doesnt get injured we 100% make the tournament and if history holds true we probably even advance a bit. Folks, Calipari is kinda good at this.

Check out @JHazzeUkFAD post about some fans and their irrational perspective. The BBN represents the best fan base in the nation. But also some of the most hard headed.

So, 17 games in let me ask; whats good with our current squad? LSU is rolling, Virginia Tech is no slouch, and Louisville is accumulating solid wins. I am also confident Texas A&M will find its rhythm. So the point is, UK is racking up solid wins while we arent even at full strength. Be happy. Heck, Vermont is 13-5 and Utah Valley 14-5. Those early wins with the youngest team in the NCCA are impressive. A few bounces here and there Kentucky also beats Kansas in Chicago. So to be sitting at 14-3 in mid-January with no Jarred Vanderbilt and a limited Quade Green makes me excited.

The next three games are South Carolina on the road, Florida at home for college gameday, and at Rupp again for Miss State. Then the big showdown in Morgantown when the Cats travel to play West Virginia. We have a chance to make a statement over the next few weeks and potentially work our way back in the top 10. Maybe even top 5.

So be proud. Cheer loud. And enjoy it. In Cal we trust.

Enjoy some highlights of yesterday’s win at Vandy.

Photo Credit: WildcatBlueNation


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