Kentucky Cheer Wins Record 23rd National Championship!

Dynasty. No…. it’s dominance. For the 14th time since 2000, the University of Kentucky Cheer team won the UCA National Championship in Orlando, Florida. Kentucky’s routine was highlighted by unique choreography. The routine included crisp Aerials, Arabesque, amazing back handsprings, the signature UK microphone tosses (throwing poms into the male’s speaker), the pyramid peel off, round offs, and many different tumbling actions. The Orlando crowd was energetic and helped UK gain momentum while performing the uptempo routine. Like last year, the performance was a fan favorite and the judges were left with a new and unexpected routine that set the Cats apart.

Many cheerleaders on the Kentucky team knew what it was like to be in a position to win a national title, and it was becoming more evident as UK’s name was not called until the top two. After drumrolls… “Your 2018 UCA Division 1 Co-Ed National Champions are: THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY!” The crowd and cheer team erupted! Congrats to the team and the University on a great performance and yet ANOTHER national title!!!

Here is the routine:


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow @Ukfansallday and @22buckt on all social media platforms! Thanks for reading and Go Cats! Have a great day and God Bless!

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