What Kind of Kentucky Fan are You? Is Winning not Enough??

Credit: Getty images 

Is winning not enough for us? There are all kinds of different Kentucky fans, and how they, (we) carry ourselves. Have you been in “That conversation”, where other Kentucky fans are complaining about our Wildcats? What about “That conversation,” about coach Calipari and one and dones? Oh! heres one, we should be winning more Championships with the talent we’ve had.

It’s ok to have an opinion, or agree to disagree, but isn’t it the the fans place to get behind their team and root them on, no matter what, even if their team is losing, which isn’t the case with Kentucky. We are a winning program, (most WINNINGEST program, I might add.) so what gives?

Credit: RuppArena.com

What school, fanbase doesn’t want more Championships? Of course we all wanna win the title every year! Guess what school is running for it every year!?! Yes, Kentucky is there, every year with a chance to win it all. (Every year)! We have the second most Championships out of any other school in history, 8! and it won’t be long until we see #9!(write that down).

Credit: Cats Pause 247sports

We will always have those kind of fans, every fanbase will, you can choose to be that kind of fan, or you can support your team 100% (ride or die), win or lose, That is on you! I choose to wave my UK flag till I die.

What kind of Kentucky fan are you? Are you that fan who is always “couch coaching”? Just know when I hear you kinds of fans, I hear Calipari in my head saying, ” you don’t know shit” (lol). Are you that fan that loves the “One and Dones” when we are winning, but hate it when we lose a game? Fans are supposed to be 100% positive about their team, there is no room for negativity in the greatest basketball program in the world!

With that being said, lets get back to yelling GO BIG BLUE!! GO CATS!!! LETS GET BACK TO 100%!


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