Snow Day Coverage: Busy Weekend for the Wildcats


Most of the state is covered in the powdery white accumulation and kids across the state are home from school enjoying a day off. What a great time to look ahead at what this weekend holds for the Wildcats.

Let’s start with the wildest sport going on this weekend, UK Hockey. They have two Midnight games Friday and Saturday against EKU at the Lexington Ice Center. Friday night’s game is for the Bourbon Barrel Trophy!!! Seriously guys go out and watch this, it’s the best fan environment I’ve ever been in!

Women’s Tennis will be on the road at the Miami Spring Invitational all weekend.

Track and Field will be visiting the Clemson Invitational Friday and Saturday.

The Rifle team will shot at the Withrow Invitational on Friday.

Men’s Tennis has Northern Kentucky at 11 AM on Friday, then Eastern Kentucky at 3 PM.

Friday night concludes with Gymnastics vs. Florida at 7 PM.

Saturday is Caturday once again with College Gameday coming to town for the Basketball game against Florida. It’s a late tip – 8:15.

Kentucky will travel for a swim meet at Louisville at 1 on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday Matthew Mitchell has a chance to bring his squad back to .500 with a win against South Carolina at Noon on ESPNU.

The weekend concludes with a Men’s Tennis match at Notre Dame.

Support ALL your Wildcats all weekend long and stay tuned to for as much information as your big blue brains can carry!


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