KENTUCKY vs Florida Pre-Game Notes

The #BBN isn’t feeling well. Symptoms include pessimism, overreaction, and irrational thoughts. The events Tuesday night in Columbia have us all in a funk. The cure is beating Florida on this college game day Saturday. I would even take it a step further, the Cats need to win and look good doing it. The second half at South Carolina was brutal. I for one cannot wait until the ball tips off and that meltdown is firmly in cemented in the past.

There are several storylines leading in to this match up with the 13-5 Florida Gators.

Gameday – How will this young team react to the hype and atmosphere of a college gameday setting? Will Rupp bring the energy despite the recent letdown? Will the #BBN represent with some epic signs?

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Photo Credit: Kentucky Sports Radio

Personnel – We can all agree the addition of Jarred Vanderbilt was a major bright spot. It will prove to be more influential to the season than a road loss. Missing Quade hurts. For a bit it was masked by exceptional play from SGA. But we are asking him to carry to much of the offensive load. Quade brings the pace and spacing we need at certain times. His status is still uncertain. Wynard is also missing game after game. It would be great to use him in spurts and in result, mitigate the foul trouble we are becoming prone to. In summary, WE STILL HAVEN’T PLAYED ONE GAME WITH ALL OF OUR PLAYERS ACTIVE!

The 2018 Gators – We know that Florida teams always present a challenge. They typically have the athletes to match up with Calipari teams. 3rd year head coach Mike White brings in the top team in the SEC at 5-1. They thrive on a balanced attack with three players averaging over 12 points a game.

Hudson 16.5
Koulechov 15.1
Chiozza 12.3

IMO, it really doesn’t matter who we play. It matters which UK team shows up. Thats why I am so disconnected from seeding projections right now. If the team from the 2nd half of South Carolina game shows up, then we will lose to anybody. But if we can find some sustained execution, I still believe we can beat anyone in the country. Good Cats or bad Cats? We will find out Saturday at 8:15 pm.

Here is one excellent moment in the Florida Kentucky rivarly. 2003 beatdown. Listen at the 4:12 mark for a legendary Dickie V call



UK 72

UF 70


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