Zion Picks DUKE!

Photo Credit: thestate.com

The rich get richer. Wow. Duke signs 5 star power forward Zion Williamson in a move no one saw coming. Predictions were overwhelming in favor of Clemson. I’m speechless.

Coach K has taken it to another level adding RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson. Duke is owning college basketball recruiting. Period. Coach K and his staff are essentially hand picking players and letting everyone else eat off what is left. It truly is amazing and I cannot even hate on this. Well done. 👌

Now lets focus on Zion’s recruitment and what this means for Kentucky.

Before I say anything else I want to wish Zion a genuine congratulations and say thank you. He created such excitement in a world that is usually only followed by a select group of hoops junkies. When he burst on the scene with his viral videos everyone was talking about it. The LeBron like hype really made following his recruitment a joy. It felt as if everytime gou refreshed social media there was another play that defied gravitational logic.

To me the most unbelievable thing about Williamson’s athleticism is that he is TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY POUNDS! Every time I think about that it blows my mind. At only 6’6 to be that thick and explosive is a lethal combination. As his career progresses he will improve his endurance and work on his already impressive speed.The sky is the limit. Pun intended.

I am really trying my best to see this through the lenses of someone that doesn’t live and breathe Kentucky basketball recruiting. It is tough, it really is. Both UK and Zion are primetime! It would have been a logical partnership. But he is a probable lottery pick no matter where he plays. So when you think about it from that perspective its easier to understand the rationale for wanting to accomplish something in South Carolina. Then there is the key factor of uncertainty in returning UK players for next year. Aside maybe Hami, we just have no locks for NBA departures. So a potential road block of talent and shared minutes could have weighed in.

The mid-winter announcement immediately let me know that Lexington was not the destination. We are too far away from that dreaded few day period after the NCAA tournament where our entire team analyzes pro decisions. This way the pressure is now off and Zion can enjoy all the festivities of his senior year without dragging this out into the spring.

After you digest all of that speculated psychology feel free to cuss and spit UK fans. Cause um…. boy did we miss out on some entertainment next year.

Its done. Time to move on. It would lead me to believe that as widely projected as this commitment was that Coach Calipari has known for some time. I dont view this as a must have recruit situation for the program. In years past we have missed out on some top players and its proved to be costly with our chemistry. It would have been fantastic to add Zion to already loaded 2018 signing class. But we can all agree that returning some experience next season is inevitable and awesome. The Cats will be fine and you will still be lucky enough to follow Zion’s career.

I am still in shock. Amazing class for Duke.

Good luck Big Man! 🏀💯


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