Time to get back to our winning ways


After a two games losing streak, the Cats meet the bulldogs at 9 here in Rupp Arena to try to turn things around. The team lost its last game at home to Florida which was a rare sight. It is simple, this team isn’t gelling, and the question surrounding everyone is a very simple one, why?

Many different theories have been floated around but none more than that some of the guys are just selfish and not ready for the next level. Ironically the two that seem to be the most selfish (Knox, Diallo) are the two that are most likely to leave the program for the league once the season has come to an end.

So, for this season to be saved, Cal has to show off how great of a coach he is, and maybe even that isn’t enough. Player after player from years gone by have made the statement that “they” decided that “they” wanted to win. This team has very clearly not decided yet what they want.

Maybe tonight playing their first game as an unranked team will do something to them, which is the first time since ’14 that a Kentucky team has not been ranked.

The things to look for in tonights game are as follows:

  1. How different are we with Quade
  2. Vanderbilt, does he continue to grow?
  3. Knox, are you ever going to consistently be a star? 

I like others are frustrated with this team, but I will not join the groups that are giving up on this team, that same ’14 team went to the championship game. Its all about what are you going to do with what you have, and this team has plenty to use, they just have to see the light at the end of the tunnel which is sometimes hard to see when you are this young.

This game should tell us a lot, but then again, from here on out, every game will tell us a lot about this team. Especially this weekend. But, if you are a Cats fans, be understanding and enjoy the game and the hopeful growth that this team will have.

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