Four Former Wildcats Selected to Play in All-Star Game

all star

While its no secret that in recent years, former Wildcats have had success in the NBA. But it is now starting to reach certain heights that many didn’t think was possible. Four former Wildcats were selected to this years NBA All-Star game, FOUR! That feat hasn’t be accomplished since 1983 when UCLA also had four players selected. But with more and more Cats entering the NBA every year and it seems their is no stopping in sight, could we see possibly five or six All-Stars eventually? Only time shall tell.

Karl-Anthony Towns, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, and last but not least John Wall were all voted All-Stars. Wall, Demarcus, and Anthony will all be on TEAM LEBRON. While Karl Towns will be on TEAM CURRY, in the new draft format that the NBA implemented in attempt to gather new interest during All-Star Weekend.

Be sure to tune in February 18th to watch the former Wildcats duke it out  for bragging rights. Who you got? Are you Team LeBron or Team Curry?

Last year Anthony Davis was the All-Star game MVP in route to breaking the All Star single game scoring record, could we possibly see him go back to back? Tune in to find out.


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