XFL Press Conference Notes and Thoughts

(image courtesy of Alpha Entertainment)

Earlier today WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL (Xtreme Football League). The return of the league had been rumored leading up to the announcement after Alpha Entertainment filed for XFL trademarks in late 2017. McMahon held a press conference earlier today where media members could call in and ask questions and give suggestions. Here are some interesting notes I picked up from listening to the press conference:

• The XFL will take suggestions from fans, players, media members, medical professionals, coaches, etc.

• The goal is to have the game be two hours. Mentioned eliminating halftime as a way to do this.

• Cities have not yet been determined. (please come to Lexington or Louisville)

• Whether or not players can go by a nickname on their jersey has not been determined yet. (We have to have “He Hate Me”)

• There will be no crossover between the WWE and the XFL. (Sorry to those who wanted to see Jim Ross on commentary)

• The XFL does not yet have a broadcasting parter. Plans to televise the traditional way as well as stream the games online.

• Politics will not be involved within the XFL. While he didn’t say it directly, McMahon seemed to imply that standing for the national anthem would be mandatory.

• When asked about the timing of the relaunch, he said it had nothing to do with the NFL’s declining ratings.

• The XFL will start off with eight, 40-man roster teams.

• The season will be 10 weeks long and will include two semi-final games and one championship game.

• The season will start in late January or early February.

• Teams will be owned by the league.

• Players with any criminal history will not be allowed into the league, McMahon gave DUI as an example that would not be allowed.

• The relaunch will begin in 2020.

My overall thoughts on this are simple, it’s too early in the process to have an opinion. I believe the XFL has potential to succeed if they do what McMahon said in the press conference which was to be “strictly football”. The gimmicks from the old XFL is why it failed from the cheerleaders to The Rock cutting a promo at midfield. The XFL could also help former Kentucky players and coaches succeed giving them another option if the NFL didn’t work out. I know I’m ready for the return, are you? THIS IS THE XFL!

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