Kentucky 83 WVU 76 Come-back for the record books! Post Game Breakdown.

Kentucky had a mountain to climb in the second half. They responded cutting the 15 point halftime deficit to 6 points with a 13-2 run to start.

Kevin Knox was a superstar. Splashing in 25 points by the 12:00 minute mark. He willed the Cats back in the game. His offense is becoming vicious.

A hesitation lay up by Shai tied the game at 56-56. Followed by a statement dunk by Knox to give Kentucky the lead! It fittingly capped off an epic comeback.

It was a dog fight from there. But Kevin Knox proved to be the alpha. What a spectacular performance. 34 Points to lead Kentucky to a 83-76 win.

UK erased a 17 point deficit and went 18-18 from the FT line. Incredible.

You will remember this one. If I was John Calipari and the Cats, I would be jetting out of town asap. ✌

Photo Credits: ESPN


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