Kevin Knox soars in 34 point outing in Cats win over WVU

Photo Credit: @KentuckyMBB on Twitter

All season many Kentucky fans have wondered if Kevin Knox would live up to his preseason potential, now those rumblings can be put to rest. He didn’t back away in a big time, big game moment this time. Kevin Knox was present and accounted for the entire game. Focused and poised. He made all those 3-point shots but he only once shyed away from contact at the rim.

He had a career high 34 points on 11 of 17 shots. He was 5/8 behind the 3-Point arc, notching 15 of his points there. The major heart sinker for WVU fans though was his dagger at just over the 1 minute mark. Kentucky fans can no longer say that Kevin Knox has yet to find his game, because he flourished on the big stage.

He stood 7/8 at the free throw line and brought down seven rebounds to give the Cats the advantage. All of this came in the toughest road game the Cats will likely face all season.

Knox spoke with the media and said he doesn’t mind the trash talk or playing on the road.

This is a priceless Cal video after one of those many 3-Point shots.


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