Flat Cats in the First Half!! Vandy leads 33-27

The Young Cats looked like they left their legs on the side of a Country Road back in the mountains of West Virginia in the first half.

No Energy from the Crowd at all in the first half, Really gonna need a spark from one of the energy guys on this team like Diallo or Vanderbilt in the 2nd half to spark the Crowd and get the Gym ROCKING a little bit.

Cats shoot a eye poppin 37 % from the field and 1-5 from 3 point land in the half.


1.)Come out and bring the Energy and get the crowd rocking early

2.)Get some good looks inside early, Vandy is thin down low

3.)Run Vandy off the 3 point line and don’t let the Vandy Shooters get goin

4.)Protect the rock. Don’t need no dumb turnovers!!

Hopefully Cal bottled up that half time speech from West Virginia saturday and hits them with it again tonight!!

Gotta get this W!!! Cats can’t afford to drop games like these at home!!






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