Unbelievable recruiting success at Vanderbilt! What is Bryce Drew doing?

Photo Credit: VUCommodores.com

As we get ready to play Vanderbilt tonight, it seems relevant to look at the massive recruiting class they are assembling. The SEC has been on a complete basketball renovation these past few seasons. Adding not only talented players, but excellent coaches as well. But…..Vandy? Really?

The Commodores have already signed two 5 star Mcdonald’s All-Americans in Simi Shittu and Darius Garland. The general consensus seems to be that local-ish superstar Romeo Langford will be following in their footsteps. This would give Vandy 3 big time players, immediately changing the fabric of the basketball program. Heck, this will have a major impact on the SEC as a whole.

Photo Credit: 247Sports.com

What is Bryce Drew selling down there!?

Darius Garland plays his high school ball at Brentwood Academy in Tennessee. So you could make a geographical case for his commitment. But beyond that I am rather stumped. We know that Vanderbilt is highly respected academically, but we have never seen a haul like this in terms of athletic recruiting.

Assuming they sign Romeo Langford, Vandy is going to have a monster class that ranks very high nationally. I mean, like Kentucky/Duke high. Sheesh!

I am glad this talent is coming to the SEC. The Big Blue Nation can look forward to some talent rich battles with Vanderbilt in the very near future.

That being said, lets pound em tonight!


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