Super Bowl Predictions from UK Fans All Day Writers

(top left image courtesy of Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports, top right image courtesy of Rich Schultz-Getty Images, and bottom image courtesy of the NFL)

We are getting closer and closer to the biggest event in American sports! The Super Bowl has become the most watched sports event in America and will be on in most households in the U.S.! To get ready for the big game, I asked some of our writers here at UK Fans All Day what they expect to see in this year’s Super Bowl. Here’s what we had to say:

Braden Nevius

It’s safe to say that I’m in the majority as I’ll be rooting for the Eagles (don’t forget Jon Toth is on the team) to knock off the Patriots. With that said, I can’t go against Brady and Belichick in the biggest game of the year. I believe the Eagles defense will cause issues for the Patriots early and will lead Philly to a halftime lead. The Pats make halftime adjustments and win the game late in the fourth quarter. It’s a boring pick, but it’s the safest bet to make.

Prediction: Patriots win 24-23

MVP: Tom Brady

Daniel Meece

“I don’t want to see the Patriots win anymore.”

Prediction: Eagles win 34-31

MVP: Jay Ajayi

Drew Brown

“I know nothing about football except for fantasy. So, this is a complete guess.”

Prediction: Patriots win 27-20

MVP: Tom Brady

Jay Hazze

“Foles knows this team belongs to Wentz. So, I think he shows up and shows out. What I’m most looking forward to is the Benny Snell commercial.”

Prediction: Eagles win 28-14

MVP: Nick Foles

Ty Buck

“I think the Eagles will lead most of the game, but Tom Brady will storm back to win. The Eagle defense can’t handle with New England’s depth in the fourth quarter.”

Prediction: Patriots win 27-20

MVP: Tom Brady

Janson Hoskins

“I have the Patriots winning this one. I believe both teams will have good offensive games and the game will come down to the fourth quarter. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will have a fair game but in the end, Tom Brady and the Patriots will prevail!”

Prediction: Patriots win 27-21

MVP: Tom Brady

Jonah Sparks

“It’s simple, the Patriots are 3-0 when wearing the white jerseys in the Super Bowl. Plus, as a Giants fan, this is a tough game for me to pick but if the Patriots win, then the Giants can say they are the only team to beat Brady and Belichick in the Super Bowl.”

Prediction: Patriots win 31-26

MVP: Tom Brady

Jaiden Mingus

“I think neither team will be able to get much going on offense. The Eagles will win this game because they are the more determined team, they will play with more hunger and fight, and they have a lockdown defense. Eagles get it done and make Tom Brady look silly.”

Prediction: Eagles win 17-14

MVP: Nick Foles

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