Big Blue Nation: What Makes You a Part of “The Fanbase”


Kentucky fans are vast in numbers, but what makes you a member of Big Blue Nation? Jack “Goose” Givens once said, “UK fans are generally more interested and more informed than the typical NBA fan”.

If you see a Kentucky sports post on any kind of social media, I would be willing to bet that somewhere within that post it says, #BBN, or #BBN4LIFE, it’s something like the fans, (OUR) signature.

What makes you a member of BBN though? Is it just a Kentucky basketball thing? Do you have to like more than one Kentucky sport? Do we only wear Kentucky blue? Are you born into it? There are hundreds of questions that we could ask, in what makes us part of the greastest fanbase on the planet.


I asked around, to friends, co-workers, social media, and everyone had a different answer, and all were right. It is a little bit of everything that goes into being part of BBN, “The Fanbase”.

Some of us are just Kentucky basketball fans, some of us are Kentucky basketball and football fans. Some of us are Kentucky baseball fans, and some of us are Kentucky hockey, track and field, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, golf, riffle, and swimming fans, #WERUK, we go to the extreme for (OUR) Kentucky sports. We travel for our Kentucky teams, “Blue gets in” no matter where it is!!

I think what makes you a member of BBN is that you stick with (OUR) teams no matter what, win or lose, ride or die. That you do wear that Kentucky blue apparel. If you are a fan of any Kentucky sport that UK has, even if it is just basketball, you are a member of BBN!! Whether you were born into this, or you became a fan at any age. Where ever you are located in this world and you are a fan of a Kentucky sport, you my friend are part of Big Blue Nation. We are Uk fans all day, everyday 25/8, because 24/7 isn’t enough!!!


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  1. If you’re a fan of any other school in any sport you’re not #BBN. You can be basketball only but don’t be any other school football fan. That’s not #BBN. Thats just a UK basketball fan. #BBN is UK only!

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