BASKETBALL: John Calipari to visit Jalen Lecque


John Calipari and Kenny Payne are on the recruiting trial again today. For the second time in two weeks Calipari and Kenny Payne are going to North Carolina to see No. 2 point Guard in the Class of 2019, Jalen Lecque.

Lecque is a combo guard standing 6’4 that attends Christ School in Arden, NC.


North Carolina has been the favorite for a while for Lecque due to the in-state bid and recruiting him the longest along with Oregon.

Lecque has tinkered with the idea of reclassifying to 2018, which could be bad and good for Kentucky. IF and big IF he reclassifies, for Kentucky to be an option Alexander or Green would have to be one or both planning to leave for the NBA. Kentucky is very guard heavy for the Class of 2018 already. It would seems less likely for Kentucky to be the pick if it’s 2018. But in 2019 he could be up for grabs for anyone.

By no means though would another guard be a bad thing to have, because you never know with injury or foul trouble what may happen.


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