Pre-Game Kentucky vs Texas A&M! Predictions and Breakdown

Kentucky will travel to College Station on Saturday to play the Texas A&M Aggies. The Cats look to bounce back from two terrible losses and avoid a 3 game skid. It’s unfathomable to imagine a John Calipari coached team losing 3 games in a row. But that remains a real possibility as A&M has shown major improvement. They also get Kentucky on their home floor in primetime.

The game is Saturday at 8:15 pm on ESPN.

We should be used to the “theme games” by now. Every school treats it like their Super Bowl when Kentucky rolls to town. Usually we see the standard white out or black out. A&M is taking a more direct approach this weekend as it’s handing out “BTHO” Kentucky shirts. As reported by Tyler Thompson of KSR, this apparently stands for, beat the hell outta Kentucky. Um.. ok.

I am actually a fan of this. Any extra motivation thrown the Cats way is fine be me. We need a win desperately. Hopefully this gesture makes the young Cats angry and it translates to tough play in between the lines.

Texas A&M beat 8th ranked Auburn by 1 point on Wednesday night. This was a much needed win for the Aggies who were pre-season top 5 but struggled tremendously to start the season. Billy Kennedy now has his team at 16-8 and in a very similar situation as Kentucky. There is no time for either program to be concerned with anything but getting wins. Time is ticking.

Kentucky’s schedule to finish the year is worrysome. 4 of the last 7 games will be on the road. Including trips to A&M, Auburn, Arkansas, and Florida. Ugh. Losing all 4 would be devastating. But at the same time this presents a great opportunity to secure some quality wins before selection Sunday. It is anyone’s guess which Kentucky team will show up and when.

Keys to the game:

1. Score more points than Texas A&M

2. Nobody get hurt

This is all that matters. These young Cats just have to play well enough to win. Or A&M needs to play poor enough to lose. I do not care how it happens. With a record of 17-7 there is no time for analysis.

Win. Win. Win.

Prediction: The exact same score as our meeting on 1/9/18 🤞

Kentucky – 74

A&M – 73

Enjoy the highlights from the first meeting between the Aggies and the Cats! Was it a foul at the end? Nah.



  1. BTHO shirts are available no matter who they play. Not just UK. Game day is a BTHO day whether they play Gardner-Webb or UK. White outs and maroon outs are common as well whether UK or other ranked opponents. Not every game but the big ones so while they are doing it for uk it’s nothing new. And, don’t be surprised if they don’t fill the gym. They love their Aggies here but haven’t filled the gym all year. You might be responsible for that if you bring the usual crowd. It’s a football school.

    And there won’t be cheerleaders, there will be YELL leaders. It’s a tradition. The guys in white will lead yells that have been used for decades. All Aggies know the yells. And the student section stands while the game is going on. If you are sitting there you won’t be able to see the game unless you stand.

    When Hullabaloo is played, please stand and join in. Do the sway with them. It’s fun and a great tradition. Aggies truly love to include you. If you have questions about where to eat, things to see, directions, ask them. They are the friendliest, genuinely nice bunch I’ve ever met.

    The Corp of Cadets may show up. You will be protected.

    LAST but not least, clear bags only. They’ll send you back to the car if you try to take anything else in.

    Good luck Cats! Enjoy the game-wear rain gear, and safe travels to you all.

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