Texas A&M 85 Kentucky 74 Post-Game Breakdown. Kentucky destroyed in second half.

The Aggies stormed out to take the lead in rapid fashion to start the second half. Any momentum Kentucky had was slammed down by a Robert Williams ferocious dunk, followed by several turnovers and 3 made threes for A&M. Before the under 16 timeout, it was 43-32 Aggies after a 17-2 run. No words.

Billy Kennedy clearly made the most of his halftime instructions. Kentucky looked lost and was pounded. Texas A&M drained shot after shot. Banking in threes and dismantling Kentucky, A&M led by as many as 23 points. The Cats finally decided to get interested with about 4 minutes to go, as the lead was cut to 8. However, this game was over as soon as the second half started.

This was one of the worst games I can remember watching. Just painful.

It was tough to watch Coach Cal lose his 3rd straight for the first time as the Head Coach at The University of Kentucky. He clearly has not found any answers to correct this team’s deficiencies. The student section sang him happy birthday for good measure.

Cal will want to forget this night.

What’s next for the Cats? Is this fixable?

I do not know. 3 more difficult road games and Bama remaining on the schedule could be a recipe for disaster.


Photo Credit: ESPN



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