The Best Fortnite Player in the NBA?

Karl-Anthony Towns
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision for Activision/AP Images)

When Karl-Anthony Towns isn’t on the court getting double-doubles, he is usually on Xbox getting Fortnite dubs.

Now most of you probably know what Fortnite is. But for those of you who don’t know what it is, its a video game that is available for free download on Xbox, PS4, and PC in which 100 players in a single game parachute to an island from a battle bus and fight it out until only one person is alive. The players can use a variety of weapons, as well as resources in order to achieve victory.

The game requires a mixture of skill, patience, and luck. For Karl-Anthony Towns, he seems to have mastered all of these down to a tee. Karl seems to play the game whenever he has some downtime, and almost ALWAYS post a pic of the screen on Snapchat (@ka_towns) when he gets a victory, and trust me Karl wins ALOT.


Karl is an avid streamer on Twitch, in which he gets on there and streams some of his favorite games and interacts with his fans. Earlier this year when Karl was streaming on Twitch, he talked about how he and teammate Andrew Wiggins stayed up playing Fortnite until six in the morning one day. Time truly does fly by when you’re having fun.


Just goes to show you that even though he is making millions of dollar in the NBA, he is still just like every other young 22 year old.

And if the NBA never works out for him, at least we know he has a future in MLG.

Karl Towns twitch

Be sure to follow Karl-Anthony Towns on Snapchat to see all of his Fortnite victories, as well as on all other forms of social media.

Twitch: Twitch.Tv/KarlTowns

Snapchat: @ka_towns

Twitter: @KarlTowns

Instagram: @KarlTowns





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