Another game, extends the streak to 4…


Well, Kentucky drops another one tonight against the #10 Auburn tigers 66-76. This one stings as it starts the serious conversation of whether or not Kentucky will even make the NCAA tournament. Tonight everything went the Cats way in the beginning riding off a very hot Kevin Knox, and Kevin Knox never let up. The issue as always was Hamidou Diallo. Hamidou Diallo added to the mass amounts of 13+ turnovers in a game. Pretty impossible to win a game when you turn the ball over that many times.

Kentucky was up 7 at one point, but Coach Cal decided to put in Hamidou Diallo and that is where everything went wrong and it never turned around. Coach Cal has historically this season cost us games due to his lack of ability to know how to manage the game and this is yet another one. This Kentucky team played pretty decent defense and whenever we had the correct personnel on the floor, we played great offense as well. The last 3 minutes of the game, Kevin Knox was in for the last minute when the game had gone too far to come back from, yet another poor coaching decision my John Calipari.

Knox finishes the top scorer with 19 points and 5 rebounds. PJ Washington had 13 points with 5 rebounds as well.

All Kentucky fans should be disgusted after this loss and should go ahead and expect nothing in the tournament and begin to expect us to not even go to the NCAA tournament at all, especially if we were to lose to Alabama on Saturday.

I’m out of answers for this team, and it is clear to me that Calipari has been out of answers since their first game this season.

With that being said, follow @ukfansallday on twitter and facebook for more info on all things UK sports throughout the year.

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