Pregame: Kentucky vs Alabama! Breakdown and Predictions. Will the Cats lose 5 straight?

The University of Kentucky is in danger of losing it’s 5th straight game. If that happens, it would tack yet another defeat on to the longest losing streak in the John Calipari era.

If you eliminate the improbable wins against WV and Vandy, that would put the Cats losing 8 of their last 9. Disgusting.

As of today Kentucky is still firmly in the field of 64 for the NCAA tournament. But losing at home would really put this team in a precarious position.

Alabama travels to Rupp with 17-9 record and 8-5 in SEC play. The Crimson Tide pounded Tennessee and LSU in their last two games. Their stock is continuing to rise and Kentucky’s remains in a free fall.

If you take nothing else from reading this make sure that it’s this:


Alabama’s freshman guard is one of the most electrifying players in all of college basketball. I fully expect to him to show out in Rupp on Saturday. His running mate and All-American snub John Petty is an exceptional scorer as well. UK better contain these two or it will be a long afternoon.

1 million people have viewed the video linked below for a reason. Check out how dynamic Collin Sexton truly is. They call him YoungBull for a reason.

Kentucky is playing terrible. No other way to describe it. We have shown a complete inability to shoot the basketball. We turn the ball over like it’s our job. It has been frustrating to watch. There will be no way for this team to win unless they figure out how to put the ball through the hoop and protect possessions.

On Wednesday Kevin Knox was draining difficult shots and somehow was not involved the last 13 minutes of the game. This is baffling. Does his defense need work? Sure. But no more than anyone else. Kentucky cannot pass up opportunities when someone has a hot hand. Points are hard to come by for this group. Let’s be smart and let our play-makers do what they were brought here to do!

I predict that this game will be a rock fight. If UK doesn’t come out playing loose and making shots they will get blown out. Bama is gonna bring the swag to Lexington.

The home crowd advantage at Rupp will be crucial. In a must win for Kentucky, I believe they will get it done. A big win Saturday could catapult this young team on the right trajectory heading in to March.

UK – 73

Bama – 70

However, a loss Saturday could prove to be catastrophic. Win at all costs.

Go Big Blue!

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Photo Credits: ESPN


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