If you’re a Kentucky Basketball fan, you don’t wanna miss this: “Inside the Madness” goes behind the scenes in new series

UK Athletics-Quinn Foster

A new series that aired for the first time on Saturday will bring Kentucky fans all the behind the scenes looks they want. Your 2017-2018 Wildcats have been followed by multiple cameras since November, now you will see why.

This is a series unlike any other, in that it’s not following a team with all the pivotal success of a 38-0 squad. It’s following the youngest team in college basketball and it’s not all sunshine and blue skies. It’s a collection of young guys who are trying to find their way through the struggles. Because nothing in life is ever perfect.

This type of documentary is perfect for fans who say the infamous “Freshmen don’t care” line and media members who are putting down a young group. It will humble a lot of fans and most of all show that players do care.

“Inside the Madness” was introduced last Saturday on the Facebook Watch stream on their Facebook page here. The first episode showcases a trip to Madison Square Garden and a heartfelt FaceTime with a players mother.

So if you haven’t broken down to go watch this series yet, I beg that you do. Just from the first episode, it will humble you, show you players do care, let you know why these guys are playing the game, and a little bit about the game of basketball all in one.

When asking the producer why he chose Kentucky:

“I just think the tradition and the history of Kentucky and how big of a program it is and obviously with John Calipari being there, the great coach he is and character he is, he’s somebody obviously that’s not afraid to speak his mind and he’s very forthcoming,” Sciavicco said. “He doesn’t hide anything. He’s one of those guys he tells you how he feels. You don’t even really have to pry or ask him, he’s going to be forward with what he’s thinking. So I think with all those things, Kentucky was just a great fit for what we were looking to do.”

Don’t miss the next episode, Below is episode one if you missed it.


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