John Wall returning to the University of Kentucky: “I promised my dad”

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

John Wall has always been a class act. Today’s news shouldn’t shock anyone, Wall tells he will return to Kentucky to finish up his degree.

At the age of just 9, Wall’s father passed away. He promised his dad he’d grow up to take care of his mom even though it wasn’t an easy road to get to the end result, he made it. He also promised his father he’d finish college. Read his full story here, in his heartfelt letter to his father. But beware, get some tissues ready first.

Wall will be enrolling in classes over the summer at the University of Kentucky to achieve his ultimate goal, a degree. You read that correctly, a five-time all-star wants to earn his degree. Coming back to Kentucky to do that is something Cal always says is possible because “a lifetime” scholarship is available for all of his boys.

“I’m going back to school this summer to get my business degree,” Wall revealed. “That’s what I’m focusing on. I promised my dad that.”

In 2010, Wall was selected as the top overall pick in the draft by the Washington Wizards after spending one year in Lexington. Wall is 27 now and says he’s just “wants to express himself off the court.”

“When our career is over, when we retire and the basketball stops bouncing, we still have the find something else to do,” Wall said. “Whether you want to be a general manager, a doctor, a businessman, whatever, you have to believe on everything you stand on. We’re more than athletes and the stuff that’s going on in our society and in this world, we have to speak on it. I think we have the right to say whatever we want.”

Welcome Home Wildcat, we’ll be glad to have you back.

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