WATCH: Nerlens Noel featured on “Cold as Balls”

LOL Network

In a new weekly internet series called “Cold as Balls”, comedic superstar Kevin Hart interviews NBA and WNBA players all while taking an ice bath.

It’s a new hilarious spin on interviews in which Kevin Hart tries to ask his best questions all while doing his best to make everyone laugh.

So far on “Cold as Balls” Kevin Hart has had guest such as Blake Griffin, Draymond Green, Candace Parker, and Lavar Ball. ( Yes I know, Lavar. I guess everyone else was already booked)

With the NBA being filled with former Kentucky Wildcats, it was just safe to assume that we would have a former Cat on the segment eventually. Now although Nerlens wouldn’t have been my first guess as a former Cat, he sure didn’t disappoint.

We find out all kinds of new information about Nerlens during the interview, like when he said he would prefer to be an FBI agent if he wasn’t in the NBA. To which Kevin Hart almost immediately mocked.

We also find out new information about Kevin Hart, in which he claimed that he was recruited by the University of Kentucky (probably a lie). But the whole interview was full of jokes and laughter and I can’t wait for the next former Wildcat to be on there.

(Hopefully its Boogie Cousins)

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