2018 Kentucky Basketball Resume at the Moment

Let’s take a deep dive into the resume that is the Kentucky Wildcats.

As of February 23rd 2018 The Cat’s resume is starting to take shape with 3 games left in the regular season


Record: 19-9 (8-6)

RPI: 16

SOS: 2 (Thanks to a much improved SEC)

Cats vs RPI top 100: 12-9 (Five of those wins are over the RPI top 50)

Cats Quality Wins: @West Virginia (RPI 27), @Arkansas (RPI 31), Louisville (RPI 52), Texas A&M (RPI 24), Virginia Tech (RPI 45), Alabama (RPI 30)

The Bad Loss: @South Carolina (RPI 74)

Some Close Calls that would of juiced up the Resume a little more:

at home vs Tennessee 61-59

at home vs Florida 66-64

Champions Classic vs Kansas 65-61

As we know, everybody and their Grandma have turned into Bracketologist now days, but, let’s take a look at where some of the top shelf sites and individuals have the Cats seeded at the moment.

ESPN Joe Lunardi: 5 seed

Fox Sports Howie Schwab: 7 seed

CBS Sports Jerry Palm: 6 seed

Delphi Bracketology: A group of high schoolers, teachers and alumni who have doing a great job over the years predicting the bracket. They currently have the Cats at a 5 seed.

Remaining Games:

Mizzou: A home game the Cats really really need to get. Revenge GAME!

Ole Miss: This is one of those you gotta have it kinda games. A game if you win it doesn’t really help, but if you lose it, it will stick out like a sore thumb in the eyes of the Committee.

@Florida: A win in the Swamp would be nice. Road wins are like treasure, not easy to find in college hoops. Revenge GAME!

The wins over Bama and Arkansas have really put the Cats back in a good spot seed wise. If they can find a way to take down these last 3 regular season games which I think they will, that will put them in a prime position to improve their seed heading into the SEC Tourney in St Louie in 2 weeks.

Best Possible Scenario for the Cats- Win out in the Regular season and go to St. Louis and win the SEC Tourney. I think that would put the Cats in a prime spot for a 4 seed and possibly even a 3 seed.

Worst Case Scenario- Let’s not talk about that, that’s no FUN!!

This teams stock is starting to trend up at the right time of the season. It’s almost March BABY and we got General Cal and a bunch of young troops who still have a lot of fight left in them.


GO CATS!!!!!!!


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