2019 KyKy Tandy, will take a visit to the University of Kentucky

Chris Jung (Kentucky New Era)

Kentucky fans each year love more and more the idea of a Kentucky guy being on the roster, but it doesn’t always happen. The last two boys were Derek and Dominique and they both left last year together. PJ Washington was born in Louisville, Ky but moved to Texas where he grew up. But with few Kentucky guys on the list for recruitment in the near future, fans always ask why. I myself, have learned not to question Calipari because he knows what he’s doing. Now fans may get their wish.

Dekeyvan Tandy a Hopkinsville, Ky native poured in 43 points in a district championship win last night. It didn’t take long for someone to notice. This morning he received a phone call from Kentucky and Calipari. He has set his unofficial for Kentucky’s game against Missouri on Saturday.

Tandy is a 6’2 point guard who attends University Heights High in Hopkinsville. He is ranked No.11 overall by ESPN. He has already totaled 2,245 points and became the second highest scorer in the school’s history. He has quite a few offers, some include Tennessee, Cincinnati, Oklahoma, WKU and New Mexico St.

Check out some highlights below:


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