Can the Cats extend their streak? Pre-game notes


Where & When: Rupp arena @ 7 

Where to watch and listen: ESPN 2 & UK sports Network 


This Kentucky team has shown promise after getting double digit wins over the past three games against 3 different tournament teams in a very stout SEC Conference. The most convincing one being the blowout win against Arkansas on their home court.

So, what has caused this change? Calipari was quoted in a press conference as saying that they have “started putting in the same work as Shai” so needless to say, Shai is the leader of this team, and they have given into that and now they are starting to be their brother’s keeper, which if you have been on the Kentucky train for long while its been under the Calipari era, you know that is his headline for all of his teams.

Kentucky is an 11 point favorite in today’s matchup which also speaks to how much respect we are earning from these blowout wins, but it also speaks to how poor of a team Ole Miss has been this year.

While they can be a physical team at times, after the departure of their long time coach Andy Kennedy, you can only assume its chaos.

What to expect today? More of the same. I expect Kevin Knox to continue to mature and put up big numbers, and I also expect them to continue to use him like Golden State’s Kevin Durant with running him off screens and giving him a 15 foot jumper, much like Durant, due to Knox’s height and ability to shoot, not too many people can stop him off the screen.

Expect Vanderbilt to continue to find his identity and at the perfect time too. This doesn’t just go for Vanderbilt, this whole team is beginning to find their identity and peak and right now is when you want to peak. Can Kentucky add #9? I think its a little premature to mention it, but hey, if Kentucky wins out and gets the SEC title, I sure wouldn’t bet against them, I really wouldn’t.

As far as tonight is concerned, I expect a big win much like against Mizzou. Ole Miss cant match up on height, shooting ability, etc. We should outclass them from the start and it should be very apparent early on.

Projected Final Score: 88-62

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