Kentucky’s Resume: 10 days away from Selection Sunday

We are just 10 days away from every college basketball fans favorite day, SELECTION SUNDAY. So lets take a look at where the Cats stand.

The Wildcats Resume:

Record: 21-9

RPI: 15

SOS: 5 (Thanks to a much improved SEC)

Vs RPI top 50: 6-7

Quality Wins- @ West Virginia, @ Arkansas, Texas A&M, Louisville, Bama, Mizzou, Virginia Tech

Bad Loss- South Carolina- Not really the worst loss in the world!


A win saturday over the Gators in Gainesville would be big for the Cats Resume heading into St Louis and the SEC Tourney next week. A win over the Gators would also wrap up the 3 seed for the cats next week and the double bye. So a lot is at stake in the Season Finale

Here’s a look at where Delphi Bracketology currently has the Cats sitting in there most recent Bracket update. They have have been at the top of the list the last few season when it comes to projecting the field and the seeds. You can check out Joe lunardi’s latest Bracket in the tweet below.

A month ago i didn’t think a 3 or 4 seed was even a possibility for the Cats. But if the Cats can get the Job done down in gainesville this weekend and cuts the nets in St Louis next week. I think that will be enough for the Cats to Lock up a 3 seed no doubt in the BIG DANCE!!

Lets compare the Cats Resume to the Resume of the Cincinnati Bearcats:

Cincinnati’s Resume:  25-4

RPI: 11

SOS: 70

Vs RPI Top 50: 4-4

Quality Wins: Mississippi St, Buffalo, Temple x 2, Houston (Nothing Sexy here)

Bad Losses: No real bad losses for the BearCats

Most peeps have the Bearcats as a 3 seed right now, That really doesn’t look like the Resume of a 3 seed if you ask me.

Stayed tuned to for more updates on the Cats Resume as we get closer to Selection Sunday and the Big Dance!!

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