Watch: Coach calls Kentucky commit Keldon Johnson a “BUM”


Jon Lopez/Nike

Fight is one of the most important attributes Kentucky fans love to see in guys. All we ever ask is for players to fight with heart and hustle on the court. Well by the looks of it, some if not all Kentucky fans are gonna LOVE Keldon Johnson next season.

Like Quade and Hami, Johnson has that “swagger” about him that just can’t be taken away. He shows that he belongs on the floor at all times and doesn’t care to let everyone know about it.

In his team’s game this week Johnson gets rejected rather badly, and in turn the opposing team’s coach called him a “Bum!” With the assistant trying to wave him off and make him sit down, he laughs.

Keldon Johnson being the tough, “I’ll show you” type of guy he is, answered. Dunks left and right and multiple buckets while glaring straight at the opposing coach.

It’s safe to say, Kentucky fans are gonna fall in love with this guy very fast. Take a look at the whole video below :


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