Devin Booker will continue to set records for years to come; He has surpassed 4,000 career points


Becoming the 3rd youngest player to score 4,000 points is something that seems so fitting for Devin Booker.

Sixth man off the bench at Kentucky and setting records left and right in the NBA, only Kentucky fans could have dreamed up that scenario. We knew when those twelve teams passed him up on draft night three years ago, that it would be their biggest regret. The Phoenix Suns now have one of the best spot up shooters in the league.

Tonight, Devin Booker at the young age of 21 joined the 4,000 point club, becoming the youngest player only behind Lebron and Kevin Durant.

He finished with 39 points, 16/28 shooting and 6 of 10 from behind the 3-Point arc. However his team ended up falling to OKC.

Some of his most recent successes: winning the 3 point shooting contest over Klay Thompson just last month. He also had a 70 point performance just last year.

Congrats young Wildcat, your future is so bright.


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