Coach Stoops’ comments from today’s press conference

The time is already here Wildcat fans! Spring Football in the bluegrass is upon us as the Wildcats take the field for Spring practice. Head Coach Mark Stoops addressed the media earlier this morning and I’ll go over some of his comments that stood out to me.

The link above is the entire press conference with Mark Stoops in case you missed it! Stoops started out by saying that he was really pleased with the players effort and attitude from the first day of practice and that he felt like the players had put in a lot of work over the last seven weeks.

Coach Stoops addressed Dorian Baker and said that it really wasn’t worth the risk to practice him this spring but that he was getting healthier! Stoops was also asked about the Quarterback situation and this is what he had to say about that.

When asked about how the wide receivers looked this is what Coach Stoops had to say.

Mark Stoops ended by saying that he really missed kicker, Austin Macginnis, he went on to say that he missed just being able to talk with him and missed how he was always able to depend on him because of his maturity. Stoops also acknowledged that the Wildcats have to find a way to fill the void of Seniors Stephen Johnson and Courtney Love. Today was the first day of many long days of practice for the Wildcats to get ready for the Fall but from the sounds of it so far they’re putting good work in trying to get better! For all of your latest in UK sports and news updates make sure to follow us on all of our various social media outlets


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