Josh Paschal Changing Positions for the Spring

(Image courtesy of 247Sports)

We learned some interesting things during the first day of spring practice. Some news that’s worth noting is that Dorian Baker will not participate in spring activities, the quarterback competition will “take time”, and the wide receivers are in need of reps just to name a few. We will find out a lot more about this team as we get deeper and deeper into spring practice as the first day isn’t usually filled with many ground-breaking news topics. However, one huge piece of news is that Josh Paschal will play at inside linebacker instead of his strong-side defensive-end position.

Paschal showed why he was a four-star prospect last year when he came out of the gates strong against Southern Miss and even won SEC special teams player of the week against Eastern Michigan. His athleticism along with his strong frame makes him a nightmare at inside linebacker as anyone would be scared to meet him one-on-one. What makes this news even better is that Paschal approached Mark Stoops about the position change. In this morning’s press conference, Stoops said “Josh Pachal came to me and said he thought he could help the team at inside LB position. He’s been moved there for the spring.” If this works out for Paschal, watch out!

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