Referees: Should They Be Held Accountable For Their Calls, In Post Game Interviews? Or?

A lot of people question officiating calls in college basketball games, (in all of college sports), there are alot of emotions from fans watching thier team play, it’s part of it. The official, “referee” is in control of the game, can they determine the outcome of a game? (Of course they can).

Let’s face it, reffs are human, they are gonna make mistakes. It is hard to catch everything (no-calls). What about bad calls? ( the foul rule is vague, is a foul on Monday the same on Friday )? It is alot easier to see from a spectators view, but with today’s technology, officiating should be alot better than it is. (rules: change in order here, all reffs need to be on the same page).

Credit: Mark Humphrey/ Associated Press

I understand that college basketball (sports) rules change, and the reffs aren’t perfect, but frankly, when you start looking at the numbers of these officials, it makes you wonder about their integrity.

Credit: CBS Sports

Art Hyland, the men’s basketball secretary-rules-editor said last year in the New York Times, that the NCAA’s reviews and analyses showed that referees in the tournament last year got 19 of every 20 calls correct. That one call they missed was a goaltending (non-call), that was in the Northwestern/ Gonzaga game (huge missed call) it couldn’t be reviewed by the NCAA rules. 19 of every 20? That is laughable. (can we get that rule change)?

Credit: USA Today

What about when a team shoots 35 free throws opposed to the other teams 2 free throws? Does that really happen? Bob Huggins said, “I haven’t seen that happen”, he has coached 30+ years.

So what needs to happen? What about post game interviews? Let these reffs explain why they did or didn’t make a certain call. Let them be subject to questions by the media following a game. What about changing the rules to every call can be subject to going to the monitor to be overturned? (limit time aswell, at looking at the replay).

I’m not sure what needs to happen, but something should be done now. Officiating is horrible. Reffs need to be held accountable for their actions on the court, it is a job after all, I’m all in favor for reffs having post game interviews.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do all of us unofficial officials think these reffs should be held accountable? I do.


New York Times:

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This has been talked about over and over through the years, something has to change, until then, I guess we will just keep MEME-n- the situation.

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