Thursday’s Spring Practice Notes

Thursday’s Spring practice for the Wildcats is done and gone and I’ll share a few things that I took away from today’s practice. Today was the first practice in pads for the Wildcats.

Brad White, UK’s new OLB coach, had a lot of good things to say about Josh Allen. White went on to say that Josh Allen has put on some weight, 252 pounds to be exact, and that will help him because he’s in better shape to be at the OLB position and that’s important because that’s such an important position to play because you have a lot of responsibilities. Also, White said that if Josh Allen happened to have a bad play that we would come to White and ask him what he can do to get better. OLB Coach, Brad White, didn’t only brag on Allen but he said that he has a great group of guys that are really hard workers and that they come ready to work every day.

Defensive Coordinator and Inside Linebacker Coach, Matt House, had good things to say about Jamin Davis, said that he looks more developed and more comfortable as well. He went on to say that Davis could play either inside LB position. House said that Kash Daniel is looking to be more flexible and that he’s looking more comfortable out there. House’s goal seems to be trying to stop the run game, he said that they didn’t really do a good job at that the last few games of the season.

Here is a little video of UK’s new Wide receivers coach, Michael Smith. Today was the last day of practice for the Wildcats until March 20th due to the University being on spring break! We will pick back up there and bring you the latest news related to UK spring practice! Make sure to follow us on all of our various social media outlets


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